Message From Our Executive Director

Welcome to Columbus Montessori Education Center!

We are so excited to share our school with you. Ours is a history rich in the Montessori method with a focus on quality Montessori education for all.  I have just four words to describe the CMEC experience: diverse, engaged, passionate and successful.

Diverse. Our teachers and families hail from all corners of Central Ohio, and represent a broad range of ethnicities, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. The Montessori method is conducive to supporting and exploring both the differences and commonalities of our community and the world. We are so proud that our school represents the realities of the world for which we are preparing our children.

Engaged. Parents here are active participants in their child’s education experience and we have an ever-expanding group of volunteers that work each day to make the school a positive place to learn and work.

Passionate. Our teachers are excited about education and their students. Each day they prepare their classrooms focusing on the needs of each student. The Montessori philosophy goes beyond grades, our instructors focus on observing each child in each stage of their development. This individualized attention is what makes the difference.

Successful. “Follow the child.” When children work at their own pace and are allowed to deeply explore concepts, ideas and subjects there is no cap on how high they can achieve. Students here test above national testing standards and alumni of CMEC have gone on to excel in a variety of rigorous public and private schools throughout Central Ohio.

I invite you to visit and experience the Montessori difference at Columbus Montessori. We are more than a school, we’re a community! To schedule a tour, please contact Rekha Kohli at


Jamie Gottesman
Executive Director

“To nurture and develop the whole child through magnified learning and quality care in a diverse community.”