The Labyrinth is finished and it is GORGEOUS!

Isn't it beautiful!!? You must see it in person.

A great big thank you to parents Jim and Saira Priest who led the project and toiled for months to the labyrinth through to completion. The Labor Day potluck work party saw students, parents and faculty work all day long to complete the labyrinth which now has every brick in place as well as edging.

Today, the Upper Elementary was hard at work making sure the sand was swept in to every crevice and the mound around the labyrinth was proportional.  What’s next for this beautiful capital improvement to the Columbus Montessori Education Center’s main campus?

Aside from the ability to simply walk the labyrinth and enjoy it’s beauty, it’s future lies in the hands of this year’s student’s and parents. Phase II is a winding brick path from the sidewalk to the labyrinth. We have enough left over bricks to make the path but someone will need to take ownership of that project. We have someone taking up the challenge, join us May 27th, 2013 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

*Updated to reflect project status.