Why Choose Columbus Montessori?

At the Columbus Montessori Education Center, we strive to ensure that each classroom teacher is Montessori Certified for the age group they work with.  Many other schools only have a ‘lead’ teacher with Montessori credentials.

Key Elements of an Authentic Montessori Program

Columbus Montessori Children’s House Classroom

1) Teachers trained in the curriculum and philosophy

2) Full complement of Montessori materials

3) Three year age span in the classrooms

4) Children working at their own pace

5) Lessons based on teacher observation

6) Freedom of choice within structure

7) Emphasis on respect and the classroom as a community

8) Appreciation of the development of concentration

9) Fosters independence

10) Develops critical thinking skills

For more admission information or to schedule a tour contact Rekha Kohli – rkohli@columbusmontessori.org.