Columbus Montessori Elementary Student

Elementary School Programs for 1st through 6th Grade Children

Following completion of the Children’s House Program, children move to the elementary program housed in the west wing of Columbus Montessori.

Elementary children experience an individualized program in multi-age groupings with a comprehensive curriculum that includes traditional subject areas as well as enrichment activities in the arts. Each class offers a child-to-teacher ratio of 22-to-1.

Elementary Science Fair

Program Highlights

• Multi-age program for children in grades 1-3 and grades 4-6
• Individualized learning
• Montessori trained teachers
• Tuition includes all program materials and field trips
• Collaborative learning
• Hands-on materials
• Caring and nurturing environment
• Exceeds Ohio standards for learning
• Core curriculum includes: Art, Music, Physical Education and Spanish

What is the educational background and teaching experience of the staff?
All teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education as well as Montessori credentials. Many have their Masters as well as Ohio teaching certification.

Elementary Science Fair

How is the child’s progress monitored?
In the Elementary program, student progress is monitored through careful observation by the teacher during the day’s activities, including both individual and small group formal lessons, social interactions, and independent choices made by each child. The student’s work also shows the progress made in each subject.

The teachers are highly skilled observers with many hours of training and practice. Both formal and informal assessments are used on a daily basis to assess student learning and monitor progress. Even more important is the assessment for learning that allows the teacher to plan for future learning opportunities for each child as an individual.

Parents are kept abreast of their child’s development and learning in a variety of ways:

  • Formal conferences are schedule two times during the year
  • Frequent face-to-face conversations
  • Electronic and phone touch points
  • Written communication

What is the discipline policy?

Elementary Students Perform for Assisted Living Guests

Columbus Montessori believes in a peaceful resolution in all matters involving students, parents, and staff members. We teach students of all ages how to use their words to communicate their needs and desires which helps to abate potential conflicts.

We also teach students how to resolve disputes peacefully. The Center’s philosophy of discipline is based on the concept that the child who knows what limits are set on behavior, why those limits exist and how they are implemented, is a happier, more secure child. Respecting the child and involving him or her in the discipline process as much as possible is also characteristic of our philosophy. No child shall be bribed or coaxed in order to maintain discipline in the classroom or playground. Such tactics deprive the child of self-respect and threaten his status as a responsible person in his school family.

For more information about our Elementary Program or to schedule a tour, please contact our admissions office at rkohli@columbusmontessori.org.

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