Children’s House

Children’s House Student Preparing for Lunch

Children’s House Program for Preschoolers, Ages 3-6 Years
Children’s House, a term coined by Dr. Montessori for preschool and kindergarten aged children, serves children aged three through six years. At Columbus Montessori we strive to foster an individualized love of learning in each child. Children in the program have the opportunity to choose their own work within limits guided by skilled Montessorians, in a beautiful environment rich with developmentally appropriate and fascinating learning materials. We value the key concepts for children’s learning at this age that are the development of concentration, coordination, self-discipline, order, independence, and respect.

Our full-time program is uniquely structured so that children experience the Montessori curriculum throughout the day in a multi-aged environment. Each class offers a child-to-teacher ratio of 9-to-1 in a rich personal learning environment based on each child’s individual needs. Part day options are available.

The beautifully prepared learning environments offer opportunities for children to make choices and learn at their own pace. A respectful community of young learners come together daily to explore language arts, mathematics, science, geography, art, movement, and music. Through multi-aged classrooms, the children develop strong leadership skills and independence, build relationships with peers and teachers, and learn to care for their own environment. Practicing socialization skills, developing good interpersonal problem solving skills and learning attitudes of grace and courtesy are also important goals. At Columbus Montessori we value the child as a whole being, nurturing the development of the mind and spirit to provide a strong foundation for life.

What is the educational background and teaching experience of the staff?
All Children’s House teachers are required to complete Montessori training to receive their certification and hold a minimum of a high school diploma. This Montessori training consists of at least 350 classroom instructional hours and a minimum of 540 student teaching hours. More than half of the teachers have Early Childhood Education degrees at the bachelor or master’s level. The average length of employment for the teaching staff is 5.9 years.

How do parents find out about what is happening in the classroom?
Parents can schedule time to speak with classroom teachers. Each class distributes a monthly newsletter that describes the current and upcoming activities, projects, events, and areas of study in the classroom. Class e-mail lists are also used to keep parents up to date and facilitate communication. There are also two parent teacher conferences required during each school year.

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