Picture Days at Columbus Montessori

Shine those shoes and add a bow, Tuesday and Wednesday (October 22nd and October 23rd) are picture days for our school!

We have returned to Midwest Photography who, with the exception of last year, has served the school for years.

Tuesday’s Session begin at 9 a.m. for the following students:

Monday – Tuesday | Monday – Friday Toddler Preschool
Children’s House Program

Wednesday’s session begins at 9 a.m. for the following students:

Wednesday – Friday Toddler Preschool
Infant/Toddler Program

Every student will be photographed for identification purposes even if they do not purchase a package. Families purchasing packages must turn their order forms in to Alana at the front desk by the morning of their child’s session.

Here are a few great tips on making a good impression on picture day:

1. Avoid hats.  “Photographers will often remove them for the shoot,” explains Russell, “then the child is left with ‘hat head.'”

2. Stay away.  “Children are more natural when no one is watching–that means you, mom peeking around the corner.”

3. Practice doesn’t always make perfect.  “Don’t practice poses with your child,” advises Russell. (People do that?) “Let the photographer unlock kids’ natural expressions, not cheesy grins they’ve rehearsed for hours.”

4. What not to wear.
  “For boys, avoid words, superheroes and pop culture images on t-shirts. The best bet is a collared shirt that compliments their eyes and hair. Small patterns or solids are best.” And for girls? “Avoid spaghetti straps,” says Russell. “They tend to hang low and if it is chilly, the goose bumps on their arms show.”

Read the entire article “8 Great Tips for Picture Day” for more great ideas!