Learning to Fail – Montessori Works Are Self-Correcting

This video is from a Montessori blog called Peaceful Parenting and showcases a derivation of the Montessori work called cylinders being done by a toddler.

In a recent article in Education Week titled ‘Want to Get Into College? Learn to Fail‘ (available to subscribers only) the author discusses the idea that failure, and the acceptance of failure, combined with learning from that failure is a key to eventual success.

While this isn’t a new notion, in fact the idea of learning from failure is quite old though very much in vogue in today’s business world, it’s an important one. Maria Montessori knew the importance of success for young learners and that’s why almost every single Montessori work is self-correcting.

Because the focus of activity in the Montessori setting is on children learning, not on teachers teaching, the Montessori child may gleam the ‘correct’ way to accomplish a work by doing it the ‘wrong’ way first. What a huge boost of self-esteem each work cycle must be for them!