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Columbus Montessori Speaker Series Brings Nationally Known Norman Shub!

January 12, 2012

Our Columbus Montessori Education Center Parent Education Night on January 12, 2012 will  feature nationally known Norman Shub from the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio where he is the Director of Training.

The session will focus on “Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem”

From the Gestalt Institute Site

Mr Norman Shub BCD, LISW, LPCC

Today, children and families are experiencing higher levels of anxiety and stress. As a result, children are experiencing depression, confusion, frustration, loss, acting out, alcohol/drug abuse, and violence.

The school is often the environment in which the child expresses his/her feelings. This leaves educators struggling with ways to balance the educational and emotional needs of their students.

Gestalt Associates recognizes the challenges facing school professionals. Our team of highly trained, caring professionals is committed to forming a partnership with schools to support, join, and develop effective treatment strategies unique to each family.

Our model is based on creating an atmosphere of safety and respect, which allows honest evaluation of one’s choices and personal responsibilities.

The Needs of the Child

  • A safe and confidential atmosphere to fully experience his or her life
  • A trusting, supportive relationship that promotes understanding of experiences, feelings, needs and the impact of his or her behavior on other people and situations

The Role of the Family

  • Involving the family system is paramount to treatment
  • Helping family members understand how their behavior affects each other, what promotes change, and how to support the growth of the child and the family as a whole

Team Oriented Approach

  • Define and implement the most effective treatment strategies
  • Ongoing staff meetings promote communication, evaluation and refinement of treatment goals
  • Develop partnerships with schools. Case management services link the support and communication essential to growth of the child and family.

Gestalt Associates provides consulting and training services to teachers, counselors and other professionals. We are available to provide a variety of workshops to schools such as Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem, Working with the Challenging Child, and other child and adolescent topics. These programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your specific school system.

We also offer our Parenting From Your Heart program. This is a comprehensive parenting program for families and professionals. The program includes “The Voice of the Child” in which our child therapist helps parents understand the child’s perspective. The program focuses on helping family members develop stronger connections and closer, genuine relationships with each other.

We at Gestalt Associates are committed to work with America’s schools. We do many parenting programs in our local school systems. We work through our case manager to develop a close relationship to the school staff and administration. We do consultation and in-service training for school professionals. We train guidance counselors in our postgraduate training programs and in our parenting programs. AND, most of all, we work closely with the schools to provide the highest quality child and family treatment.


January 12, 2012