Columbus Montessori’s Inclement Weather and Outdoor Play Reminder

  Inclement Weather and Outdoor Play Reminder

Now that we are well into December, it’s a good time to review our closing policy and recess guidelines.  In the event of inclement weather, it is important for families to check the TV/radio for school closing announcements or delayed opening.  A delayed opening means we will be on a 2 hour time delay; that is, we will open at 9:30 AM.  This ensures the appropriate number of staff members make it safely to school to care for our children.  The Columbus Montessori closing or delayed opening announcements may not come as early as Columbus Public Schools, so keep listening as late as 7:00 AM to make sure you know whether there will be a delayed opening or closing for the day.

Resources to check include:

  •    ABC, NBC, CBS ( 10 TV )TV News
  •    School Voice Mail
  •    Email via Constant Contact (same source as Friday Notes)

Our philosophy at Columbus Montessori is that if your child is at school, he/she is well enough to participate fully in all activities including outdoor play. The following weather guidelines are observed by Columbus Montessori to ensure safe play outside.

Winter outdoor play:  Children who are appropriately dressed for the winter weather (including boots, snow pants, and several light layers of clothing) can enjoy the outdoors as part of their day at the center.  During this season, wealways check the temperature and wind chill factor before taking the children outdoors.  We don’t go out if it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  We understand that some of our older students think they can “make this choice” for themselves. Our roles as adults are to help our children make safe choices which include dressing appropriately in freezing temperatures.


We very much appreciate your support as you encourage your children to bring and wear their mittens, hats and scarves, as needed.  Please make sure that all your children’s clothing is clearly labeled with your child’s name so that we can make sure that they wear it and we can return lost items.