Columbus Montessori Gains New Technology Center: The Moffett-Skolds Family Technology Center

moffett-skolds family

The Skolds-Moffett Family

In December of 2012, Columbus Montessori received an early Christmas gift. The Skolds-Moffett Family Trust donated $10,000 to the creation of a new technology center for CMEC.

The planning process began in January and as work continues, CMEC is delighted to share the news with the entire CMEC community.

“My father (Jack Skolds) and I both wanted to do something great for CMEC,” Linsey Moffett, board member and CMEC parent, said. “Columbus Montessori has such a great location, staff, students, community support. We entered the 2012-2013 school year with our eyes and hearts open. We knew we wanted to give to the school, but we weren’t sure how. I started asking around for ideas and Nancy DeRoberts-Moore and I had a great discussion about technology and our students’ future. I knew what schools we were feeding into and what technology they currently were investing in. Also, I researched colleges and universities that our children will be attending in the future. It was very clear that we needed a solid technology plan to prepare our kids for what they will be facing in the years to come.”

The Skolds-Moffett Family Technology Center will set up in the elementary wing of the school. While planning is on-going, Moffett revealed a few tantalizing bits of information for everyone eager for news.

“We have an initial plan and I am so happy that I have been able to work alongside our staff to combine our ideas and dreams of what the school needs and wants,” she said. “I don’t want to reveal all of the details just yet, but there will be plenty of computers that all of our students can use. Not only will there be plenty of learning software for all age groups, there will be opportunities for groups to learn together, and we will be improving the wireless capabilities within the building. Working with Groundworks has been a great experience so far and I feel like we will be able to prepare our children for the future with the technology we will be able to provide. It is an extremely exciting time for our school and I am so proud to be a part of this process.”

For Moffett, Columbus Montessori’s motto of being “more than a school…a community” rings true.

“…we believe in giving back,” Moffett said. “When I look back on the past two years of Laken’s experience at CMEC, I get teary at how much CMEC has given to us. The staff, the friends we have made, how far Laken has come… Honestly, there is no better investment than our future. We wouldn’t want to donate it to anyone else!”