Columbus Montessori Education Center Faculty Member Spotlighted in Other Paper

Columbus Montessori Physical and Health Education Teacher Austin Eilbeck and his Band DELAY

Columbus Montessori Physical and Health Education Teacher Austin Eilbeck and his Band DELAY

In addition to his full time vocation of Physical Education Instructor at Columbus Montessori, Austin Eilbeck leads a school band experience for interested Columbus Montessori elementary school students. The student band’s premiere will be on Generations Day.

Excerpt from The Other Paper Article…

Delay is entering its 15th year as a Columbus DIY pop-punk band. Fans can help it celebrate by heading to Carabar Saturday for the release of the group’s new studio album, Rushing Ceremony.

Delay’s story began in 1997 in Berea, Ohio. Twins named Austin and Ryan Eilbeck, plus their childhood best friend, Jesse Wither, heard Nirvana and Green Day on the radio and decided they wanted to make music.

Ryan described the first Delay demo, made when they were still in seventh grade, as a bit on the rough side.“Tuning wasn’t something we fully understood,” he said. “We were just teaching ourselves to do it.”

“We didn’t know how to do anything,” agreed drummer Jesse.

The three friends soon ventured out to play shows in Cleveland, but they quickly became disenchanted with how clubs treated young bands.

“It was often a bad experience because of them making you sell tickets,” said Ryan. “We got (turned) onto booking our own shows by an older kid named Andy from a band named Karate for Kids.”

Austin said they then started putting on shows at community centers and DIY spaces. These attracted visiting bands that, in turn, gave them advice on how to arrange their own tours.

“Bands from Portland would come and play with us (and) we would ask them how they were doing this,” Austin said. “It all snowballed from there.”

In 2003, all three Delay members moved to Columbus to go to Ohio State. They started out in the dorms and eventually (read the rest here)

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