CMEC Elementary Students Give Back

Columbus Montessori Education students were highlighted this week on the Red Thread Promise blog for their annual gift to the non-profit organization.

The Red Thread Promise is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope and healing to needy and orphaned children with diverse programs in China, Haiti and the United States. The students made a monetary donation to the organization from the profits of their student run business – UE Pizzeria.

During graduation, the students presented Sonya Yencer, vice president and CMEC alumni parent a check representing 20 percent of the profits raised from UE Pizzeria.

Not only was the project a very successful fundraiser, but a hands-on learning opportunity for the entire class. In addition to lessons about running a business, students learned about philanthropy, giving back to their own community as well as those they may never meet. These are invaluable life-lessons that will never be forgotten by both those who participated in the fundraiser as well as those who benefit from their generosity.

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Nice work CMEC students, you continue to show the world we are “More than a school!”