The Big Table at CMEC

Here at #ColumbusMontessoriEducationCenter our Upper Elementary students shared some big ideas at our #TheBigTable this morning! #TheColumbusFoundation #grades3to6

bigtable bigtable2

The Upper Elementary students participated in The Big Table today, organized through the Columbus Foundation. The Big Table was an open-ended conversation where groups of people around the region discuss strengths in our community as well as areas where improvements can be made.

Here in the classroom, the students separated into two groups of nine students to discuss the school community, as well as the communities in which they live. The students stated that the teachers have made them feel at home within the school community and discussed ways in which they could extend that kindness out to the community at large.

One conclusion, of many, was to participate in community service events such as volunteering time at a food bank or with organizations such as the Special Olympics. The students also saw a need for more random acts of kindness such as passing on a smile to someone who needs it or helping a community member with yard work. The talk concluded with the suggestion that The Big Table be repeated often in order to reach more people and to get more people to help within the community.

These guys are on to big things! What conversations were you having at this age?