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Impact Fund


At CMEC, we are passionate about making sure our inclusive community, our cutting edge approach, and our intentionally designed environment, guide and nurture compassionate, conscientious, and curious life-long learners. The Impact Fund directly enhances each of these areas by addressing our most pressing projects. These projects, such as the improvements made through last year’s campaign including a new natural play space for our infants and toddlers, new data cabling, and new phone system, fall well outside our tuition budget. Therefore your contribution makes these much needed improvements a reality. The impact of your gift not only enhances the experiences of our students and families today but for many years to come. This year’s Impact Fund will be dedicated to equipping our gymnasium with updated lighting and a sound system, the creation of an outdoor walking/running track, and the installation of a dishwasher in our staff lounge that will allow us to return to using real dishes in our classrooms instead of paper products. Your contribution empowers our students to change the world in ways big and small.


Please consider a contribution today to help us meet our goal.


This year’s levels of giving:

Friend of CMEC: $100 or more

Single Payment
Price(USD): $100.00

Bronze Level of Giving: $250 or more

Single Payment 
Price(USD): $250.00

Silver Level of Giving: $500 or more

Single Payment  
Price(USD): $500.00

Gold Level of Giving: $1,000 or more

Single Payment 
Price(USD): $1,000.00

Platinum Level of Giving: $2,500  or more

Single Payment 
Price(USD): $2,500.00

Diamond Level of Giving: $5,000

Single Payment 
Price(USD): $5,000.00

Legacy Level of Giving: $10,000

or submit your Impact Fund Form today by:

Email or Mail to: 979 South James Road, Columbus, OH 43227