Support for Columbus Montessori’s Annual Fund Continues

Columbus Montessori Annual FundThe Columbus Montessori Education Center ‘s 2012-2013 Annual Fund drive is coming to a close and support for the school and its mission has been tremendous.

November 30th marks the end of the drive and the dedicated Development Committee volunteers have worked so hard to make the this year’s push a success. If you haven’t had a chance to chat with volunteers during the Phone-a-thon, you have missed connecting with a wonderful group of people!

But their work isn’t finished. We are approximately $30,000 away from our goal.

The good news is there is still time to make a gift to this year’s Annual Fund!

The fund is dedicated to bridging the gap the costs of educating a child at CMEC and what is charged in tuition. Funds raised also ensure we are able to maintain all the qualities our community has come to love: low student-to-teacher ratio, diversity within the community and well-appointed classrooms stocked with quality Montessori materials.

There are a few myths about Annual Fund we’d like to bust that have kept people from giving in previous years:

Myth #1: Annual Fund giving is for the wealthy.

Not true! Parents, staff and community members from all income levels give to Annual Fund. Each dollar helps to bridge the gap in what it costs to educate a child at CMEC and what is charged through tuition. Give hundreds, give tens – we want you to do what you can to help us continue our education mission.

Myth #2:  I have to pay it all right now.  

Make your pledge today, space out your gift throughout the year until June 30th. Billed monthly or quarterly, it can come from direct deductions from your electronic tuition payments, credit card payments, gifts of stock and your donation can even qualify for matching gifts from your company.

Myth #3: I’ve already given so I’ve done all I can do.

The Columbus Montessori community is much larger than what you see each day. We have grandparents who give, aunts and uncles and other special friends.  Anyone or organization who is interested in your child’s education and the important work we do at CMEC can express their support through an Annual Fund gift.

As we move into the season of giving, place Columbus Montessori at the top of your list!


Click here to download and return your Annual Fund pledge today.