Class Project Spring Gala Wish List – Get Ready to Bid!

Below are the items available for bid at the 2013 Spring Gala. A few rules about bidding – no pushing, no tricking and no going away empty handed. Proceeds from the event goes toward financial aid for current and future Columbus Montessori students.

Check out the items, dream, plan and get ready to have a fantastic night! If you haven’t purchased your Gala tickets you may purchase them online using our secure PayPal account (see side bar and scroll down for your ticket choice) —->

Or contact Heidi West at 614.231.3790 ext. 22 to purchase today!

Some Words are Worth Thousands of Pictures…

montessori, class project, upper elementary

Upper Elementary 2013 Class Project

As CMEC’s most advanced students; the kids of Upper Elementary have completed a suitably complex, impressive Gala project.  This photo mosaic consists of an astounding 3,052 pictures – and each picture is a student’s personal memory or a moment from this years’ experience in Upper Elementary.  The class formed these thousands of pictures into a peace symbol and into nine words that the students chose to express what peace means to them.  This two-foot by three-foot project – at once elaborate and simple, ambitious and touching – elegantly reflects Upper Elementary personalities and ideals.

Compliments of Room Upper Elementary

Mosaic Masterwork

montessori, lower elementary, class project

Room 8, Lower Elementary Class Project

The students of Lower Elementary Room 8 have reproduced one the world’s most iconic images – Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, Sunflowers – using a collaborative method that exemplifies CMEC’s educational values.  Our art teacher Susan Miller first outlined Van Gogh’s Sunflowers on 20 glazed tiles.  The Lower Elementary students then each chose a tile and painted it for themselves, signing it on the back to give it a personalized touch.  You get to purchase the final result – a tile mosaic of Van Gogh’s painting done in Room 8’s distinctive style.  The work has been framed and is ready to impress guests and brighten your room.  Don’t miss out on this gorgeous item!

 Compliments of Room 8 Lower Elementary

Bright Futures

montessori, class project, lower elementary

Lower Elementary, Room 7 Class Project

Nothing can stop the students in Lower Elementary Room 7 from realizing their ambitions, and this heartfelt piece testifies to their unique talents as well as their determination.  The teachers have photographed the students in Room 7 dressed up as their future, professional selves.  You can see the varied ways they’re learning to become leaders in the workplace and in their communities.  The students then assembled their pictures and made a puzzle out of them for you to purchase and take home.  Construct the puzzle yourself and see the inspiring dreams of your Montessori students!

 Compliments of Room 7 Lower Elementary

Modern Heart

montessori, children's house, class project

Children’s House, Room 6 Class Project

This inspired work created by Room 6 combines modern art’s sophistication with Montessori students’ spontaneity and warmth.  Each child in Room 6 traced his or her hands on paper.  The children then cut out their hands and put them on a canvas.  After splattering paint on the whole work, the students removed the paper hands, revealing a heart shape surrounded by vibrant color.  The children produced every aspect of this piece, which has been framed for hanging – it’s an attractive testament to their energy and personal touch.  Buy it for a wall near you!

 Compliments of Room 6

What’s So Lovely ‘Bout Peace, Love and Montessori?

montessori, children's house class project

Children’s House Room 5 Class Project

Everything is lovely in this artwork made by the teachers and photogenic students of Room 5.  In this piece, each student is pictured while signing one letter of the alphabet.  All these photos have been framed, matted, and arranged by Gregg Frame Studio so that they spell out “Peace, Love, Montessori CMEC 2013.”  With this work in your house, you and your child will be reminded each day of the important work that CMEC does  — and of the great times your child has had with all the Room 5 kids!

Compliments of Room 5 and Gregg Frame Studio

A Tree Grows in Bexley-and in your House

montessori, children's house, class project

Children’s House Room 4 Class Project

Strength.  Beauty.  Growth.  This wonderful classroom tree created by the kids and teachers of Room 4 symbolizes these and other qualities of the Montessori experience.  In this design, the tree’s trunk is made up by a class picture, photos of the Room 4 teachers, and everyone’s name.  Each individual child has his or her photo on one of the many apples hanging from the branches.  The entire work, complete with one of Maria Montessori’s most famous quotations, has been attached to a sturdy piece of wood suitable for hanging in your home or office.  This beautiful tree will help you and your child remember Room 4’s fantastic group of friends and CMEC’s enduring values.

Compliments of Room 4

 Picture-Book Perfect Paintings

Toddler Preschool Class Proj

Toddler Preschool Class Project

The Toddler-Preschool students have used their skills to re-create the colorful creatures that live in two of their favorite picture books.  The kids made collage paintings of the multicolored Rainbow Fish from the book by Marcus Pfister and of the lollipop- and leaf-munching Very Hungry Caterpillar from the book by Eric Carle.  When you buy this item, you get not only this vivid illustration of the Toddler-Preschoolers’ talent and literary taste but also copies of the books themselves!  Finally, the kids have hand-carved two candleholders that you can place near the paintings or on your tabletop.  Grace your home with color and warmth by purchasing this terrific project.

Compliments of Toddler/Preschool

 Heart and Helping Hands

montessori, children's house, class project

Children’s House Room 2 Class Project

The kids in Room 2 have worked hard on each element in this charming artwork, which will deliver an important message for you and your family: “With heart and helping hands, a child can accomplish anything.”  The students pin-pricked the stars and heart at the piece’s center and all the hands around its border.  They then hand-painted the whole canvas.  Room 2’s kids can indeed accomplish anything – and as this striking creation shows, sometimes, the only helping hands they need are their own!

Compliments of Room 2

 Nature, Cubed

montessori, children's house, class project

Children’s House Room 1 Gala Project

To make this beautiful, modern wall-hanging, the students of Room 1 each picked a block.  Then, on their blocks, the students created nature-themed collages out of seashells, leaves, and other objects from the environment.  Finally, Room 1’s teachers mounted the blocks with all the students’ collages onto sturdy birch plywood and painted and stained all the materials.  This piece will be an elegant reminder for of two treasures: the Earth’s beauty around us and the wonderful energy of Room 1’s kids!

Compliments of Room 1

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