Our Principal for the Day…Rowen Batts!

Principal for the Day, Rowen Batts & Jamie Gottesman

Our 2014 Gala Raffle Winner for Principal of the Day is Rowen Batts and today, she is fulfilling her role!

Rowen Batts, Principal for the Day

As Principal for the Day, Rowen was handed a Proclamation Certificate and a badge to confirm her official role for the day.

Her day started off by making rounds with Jamie as the head of the school, she needed to check that all was in order. As they made they way back to “Rowen’s Office,” she typed her name into the computer as she learned that everything, must be signed by her. It seemed as if all this was hard work!

Rowen also requested that during the rest of the day:

  • She would deliver a hot lunch to her sister, Avery, in Lower Elementary.
  • Ring the recess bell as, “This is a very important job for adults.”
  • Have lunch with Rekha and Jamie.
  • Conduct a walking tour.

With all these activities on her plate, you can image that our little Principal had to rest up for the remainder of her day!  And although her day is  almost done, if you see her in the hallway, make sure to shake her hand and tell her she did a great job!