Ohio Panda Café Opening Tomorrow!

49687212642__595b44be-43af-4316-bc5f-7d59ad964aacThis year, Upper Elementary will be opening a café! Ohio Panda Café is a great way to offer parents that morning buzz. We will offer local coffee at reasonable prices with handcrafted pastries and coffee made here at Ohio Panda Café. We hope to see you there! Thank you.
– Mason Rothrock, 9 year old

The Upper Elementary will set up the mini café at the elementary entrance to the school between 7:30-8:40 a.m. every other Friday, starting tomorrow morning. By enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and delicious treats, you will be supporting our  UE field trip fundraising  (A special thanks to the moms in Lower Elementary for sharing this idea with us)! Make sure to stop by and try one of our homemade lemon blueberry scones!



Sing Peace Around the World

On Wednesday, September 21st, our four elementary classrooms at Columbus Montessori Education Center participated in Sing Peace Around the World for the UN International Day of Peace. On this day, schools around the world totaling over 100,000 children sang the same song about world peace. Our students where energized and truly sang from their hearts; it moved everyone that witnessed them sing!

Please see the following website for more information. http://singpeacearoundtheworld.com/